I have never really posted much about my life on ships. I have lots than I can post so I will probably start showing some of these beautiful places on the regular. This post is dedicated to one of my favourite places, in a country called Vanuatu. This gem, situated in the South Pacific is Mystery … Continue reading

'Ship Life', a term used by the tens of thousands of crew members who work globally on the seas. A way of life, yet also an excuse to get away with anything. A drink tonight, even though we have to be up in 5 hours? Ship life. Gaining loads of weight? Ship life. Green hair … Continue reading

Tallinn was a place Mike and I had wanted to visit for some time. It just looked absolutely stunning, and was another Baltic capital for us to tick off. Whilst in Tallinn, we explored as much as possible on foot as the weather would let us. Visiting in February meant we had to prepare from … Continue reading

` Back in February, I treated Mike to a trip to Tallinn. With a few days either side, I left some leeway to potentially visit somewhere else while we were away. We decided to hop on a ferry over to Finland! This would be another Baltic country to tick off our list! We really wanted … Continue reading

I know many people who are sceptical when it comes to staying in hostels. I’ll admit I was at first. But now, I wouldn’t have it any other way. You may not get as much privacy - but when you’re in a completely new environment, in a new country, why wouldn’t you want to mingle … Continue reading

Every time I visit somewhere, or do something exciting, I love to collect all sorts from my time to remember what I did. I am such a hoarder, (it’s not always a good thing, as I end up keeping receipts from random meals and leaflets to museums I didn’t even go to) But anyway, it’s … Continue reading