I have never really posted much about my life on ships. I have lots than I can post so I will probably start showing some of these beautiful places on the regular. This post is dedicated to one of my favourite places, in a country called Vanuatu. This gem, situated in the South Pacific is Mystery Island (Aneityum). One of the 80 islands that make up Vanuatu. Mystery Island offers snorkelling in crystal waters, beach massages, paddle boarding, local dancing, long walks along stretches of perfect beaches and so much more.

Visiting this island on the regular meant I got to explore quite a bit! It also meant being one of the first people on the island at 07:30am. See my walkthrough video below. This will give you an insight into what Mystery Island looks like when it’s not crowded with people. (excuse the stabilisation, will rexport and reupload at some point)


Now for some rather blue, sunny photos that I took back in 2018.


Mystery Island Airport


Mystery Island Tour Guides


Some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met.


View from Mystery Island


Snorkelling Tour Guide




Mystery Island


Mystery Island


Locals love having their photo taken

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