Tallinn was a place Mike and I had wanted to visit for some time. It just looked absolutely stunning, and was another Baltic capital for us to tick off.

Whilst in Tallinn, we explored as much as possible on foot as the weather would let us. Visiting in February meant we had to prepare from extreme minus temperatures. After visiting Norway, with lows of -17, we thought we would be okay. However, the cold was very different and was painful at times. Especially as the sun began to set.

This was the second time I had decided to splash out on a luxury hotel. I thought as it was a gift for Mike’s Christmas Present, we should go all out! We stayed at the Radisson Blue Sky Hotel which was in a great location and as it’s name suggests, meant that we could have amazing views of the city. I was so happy with my choice of hotel, we were even able to order (overpriced) pizza to our room when we spent the day recovering from our anniversary night out. This was the day we were to check out, but they let us check out at 6pm! We weren’t feeling rosy, the weather was bad, and we had already seen quite a lot of Tallinn so we weren’t disheartened about ‘wasting a day’.

My favourite part about this hotel, minus the free gym/sauna and good food, was the rootftop bar and the amazing view it boasted of. It was lovely to relax on the 24th floor, with an outdoor terrace and a refreshing Saku (Estonian beer).

In the Old Town of Tallinn, there were a few viewpoints. One of them we visited multiple times to make sure we took it all in. Mike and I are such a sucker when it comes to a good view. (We risked our lives climbing high slippery rocks in the rain and dark in Stockholm trying to get a good panoramic view of the city). We also stumbled across an old concert venue, Linnahall which also offered amazing views of Tallinn Bay and the huge ice sheets that covered it!


Another thing I want to talk about was our experience in one of the most exciting bars I’ve ever visited. With a generous 4.5/5 stars from everyone who has visited on TripAdvisor, I highly recommend paying Labor Bar a visit. We luckily got there during happy hour so everything was half price. It was quite pricey otherwise, but it was our anniversary night and we had so much fun meeting the locals and drinking with them. Labor Bar boasts of it’s unique science lab themed atmosphere, with all drinks and shots being offered in test tubes and conical beakers. With hundreds of options to choose from, you literally had no idea what it is you were going to get. We had quite a few cocktails, and many shots, and well. I wont say any more. It was a late night from what I can remember. We laughed so much into the night, it was brilliant.

Another bar we visited, offering a psychedelic theme to it was, Suhkrumoll Bar. It wasn’t very bust when we were there, as we stopped by after dinner so it was still quite early but you could tell it had a great atmosphere on offer. One part offered a cosy seating area, while the other side was more of a club. We enjoyed a gin (on the quadruple) at a reasonable price!

My last recommendation is Kompressor. A famous pancake house situated in Tallinn’s Old Town. For just 4 euros, the portion size of the pancakes and the toppings on offer were perfect. I had a cherry and coconut pancake with a coffee – so needed in the cold weather, and kept us full for hours!

Have you visited Tallinn? Or even any of the places I’ve mentioned? Would love to hear your thoughts!!

Emilie Elsewhere

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