ways to spend some of I’ve been quiet over the past couple of weeks, settling back into my work/training routine after some time away in Madrid. But I can now write about my time away and what I got up to! I went with my good friend Charlotte who I met in Thailand, she’d never been before so I was excited to be a tour guide and show her all my favourite spots. It was fairly last minute. We were discussing a weekend away in the UK somewhere, or just a day trip when we thought, why not just go away. So we booked the cheapest flights we could find on Ryanair. (except, not so cheap accommodation as we happened to pick the weekend of the Copa Del Rey final). I was so excited to get away as I’d been a bit down recently, so it was great having this to look forward to and I knew it would be such a refreshing few days!
Madrid offers SO much! I was only able to revisit a few of my favourite places, but for a more concise list of some of the best spots in Madrid, and other ways to spend your time in the beautiful city, you can check out this article by The Crazy Tourist.  It covers 15 of the best things to see and do in Madrid!


We arrived in Madrid on Wednesday evening, and with an AirBnb already booked, we headed to Malasaña to grab some quick food, check in and then head out for a drink and to explore. We wondered down Gran Via and down to Sol and it was lovely to see how much was the same, but also the amount of new shops/restaurants that had popped up. It definitely felt like a trip down memory lane.


One our first full day, we walked around the city, I showed Charlotte lots of the main attractions and then we cooled off in the afternoon at piscina francos rodríguez. It was nice to relax by the pool in the sun! We ended the day with a couple of cocktails and flowery gins in Ojala as it is such a nice bar and was next door to our apartment so we couldn’t not go!

Plaza Mayor

Mercado de San Miguel

Piscina Francos Rodriguez


Say no more…






Day 2 we headed to Retiro of course. One of the nicest places in Madrid. With plans to ride on the boats, we spent a few hours listening to music, eating crisps and strawberries, sunbathing overlooking Palacio di Cristal. After a few hours in Retiro, we headed to La Gatoteca. Charlotte being a cat lover like me, I knew she would love it. The cats weren’t as friendly as last time, but we had such a laugh.








IMG_5122La Gatoteca

IMG_5158Don’t ask… Too much vodka in Moondance

Day 3 we wanted another day with some relaxing, so we headed to Mercado de San Ildefonso for some lunch and then went to the swimming pool again in hope of getting any kind of tan. The queue was soooo long as the weather was unreal, but it was worth it! We knew we couldn’t stay late as we wanted to be back in time to watch the sunset at Templo de Debod. A MUST DO!




IMG_5186Mercado de San Ildefonso



IMG_5210Piscina Francos Rodriquez

IMG_5236IMG_5238Templo de Debod

It was our last morning in Madrid and it was a Sunday so naturally, there was only one thing to do. EL RASTRO! I was so excited to get back and grab some bargains! I picked up some more bracelets, a Frida Kahlo cushion cover, a new wall hanging for SIX EURO!! And other bits and bobs! We couldn’t be too long as we had a flight to catch at 13:30. (Good job I checked, because I actually thought the flight was 15:30, oops!)



IMG_5290El Rastro

It was great to be able to see and do so much in this amazing city in just 3 and a half days, even if I have done it all before. It will always be my favourite past time. I will definitely not be leaving it another 2 years before my next visit! Maybe 2 months?
I hope this post has given you a few ideas as to what you can see and do in Spain’s capital if you’re not there for a long amount of time!

Emilie x


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