This is a post I meant to do a while ago but never got round to it! Something I think might be very handy for someone looking to go away for a long weekend, somewhere that wont break the bank! As I have been on many long weekends away in a number of European cities, I am going to weigh up some top options for those looking to get away for a few days.


Madrid, Spain
Okay, I might be biased but I fell in love with this city back in 2013 when I first visited. It has a bit of everything for everyone. Art lover? major foodie? football mad? love shopping? MADRID HAS EVERYTHING. Being the capital city of one of the most lively countries, this city really is buzzing 24/7. With flights from £19.99 (, you really don’t have to fork out to get there, and with plenty of AirBnBs, budget hostels and 5* luxury hotels there really are plenty of options to suit you.
With a tapas for days, good weather, cheap beer, many beautiful parks, history, galleries and museums I literally cannot recommend this city enough.
p.s I may or may not be going back next week….. I CAN’T WAIT.



 Krakow, Poland
Another highly recommend city due to its’ affordability and things to see and do. Poland was a place I had wanted to visit for quite a while, as I didn’t know anyone who had been and I always like to visit places with an open mind. My favourite thing about Krakow was that it wasn’t heaving with tourists, it isn’t a huge city filled with hustle and the locals were so friendly. The quaint old town provides so much culture. It is the type of city where you can enjoy an evening filled with wine and cheese and feel like you have experienced a fab night out. The local delicacies from cheap food carts that filled the streets meant that you could have a filling snack for the equivalent of 5p! Of course, there are the day trips out to the Salt Mines and Auschwitz which I highly recommend, about an hours drive so you get to see some of the Polish countryside too!



Oslo, Norway
I highly recommend visiting this city in Winter. Yes, I hate winter I know, but this city and it’s surrounding areas covered in snow are to this day one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. I question as to whether Oslo should be on this list? I know I wont be the only one saying that the city itself doesn’t have much to offer, it’s overpriced and also really really cold, BUT it has some amazing beauty to offer. Train rides through the snowy mountains, many parks including Vigeland Sculpture Park, amazing architecture, cute cafes and the general feeling of breathing in such clean, fresh air! Oslo also boasts of being home to the world’s oldest ski museum, Holmenkollen Ski Museum. It was up here, 425m above sea level, observing the panoramic view of the snowy mountains that I realised how beautiful Norway was! Of course, another Ryanair bargain with flights starting at £4.99!



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