Hostels can offer a mix of experiences. There are so many factors to be considered to determine the experience a hostel has offered. Everyone wants a great experience right? So I’m going to offer my advice on how you can pick the best hostel:

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS go for a hostel that offers breakfast. Not only does this create a welcoming atmosphere, but it allows you to mingle with other guests and saves you money when you’re out. Some hostels will have this included, and some will ask that you donate a contribution. The best thing about having breakfast included in your hostel means being able to fill up before you go out exploring meaning that you don’t have to waste food on snacks from the local 7/11 whilst you’re out. If a hostel has bread rolls on offer, or something that can be taken away, I like to pop a small something in my day rucksack so that I can also have a free snack when I’m out if I get peckish!

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 08.42.41
Tree House Hostel, Riga

Internet Access
When staying in a hostel, I always look before as to whether it has wifi or internet facilities on offer. Mainly so that I can research a plan, keep in touch with my family and friends and update my instagram with some cool pictures from my travels. Being 2017, it’s hard to come by a hostel that doesn’t have wifi these days! A lot of places just offer wifi in the common rooms, which is great as you get to meet other guests!

Fat Margaret’s, Tallinn

Helpful Staff
I have stayed in hostels where I didn’t feel very welcome, yet I have also stayed in hostels where I felt comfortable and was made to feel part of the family. Staying in a hostel where you feel unwelcome is the worst, nobody wants that. You can usually tell by reviews on Tripadvisor what the staff are like as this is a make or break factor when it comes to a hostel experience. Hostel owners offering to do your laundry, taking time out to tell you as much information as possible about where you’re staying, joining in conversations at breakfast and generally making sure you’re enjoying your stay are what I love to experience when staying at a hostel. Wheras, the places where you check in, and it’s like you’re forgotten about straight away are not cool!

Adventure Hostel, Bangkok

This is one of the main factors for me. I will always look up on a map prior to booking the location of the hostel. The cheaper hostels will usually be on the outer skirts but cheaper doesn’t always been better. You want to be pretty central, near plenty of shops, restaurants and sites!

Fat Margaret’s, Tallinn

I’ve stayed in many hostels that have offered walking tours and bar crawls. These are always great! Anything that brings people together is a yes for me!

Adventure Hostel, Bangkok

Common Room/Facilities
Common rooms are always great in a hostels as there is always someone in there you can talk to. There will usually be books, puzzles, a computer and sometimes even a games console for you to play on. Some hotels don’t even offer that! I always like to look up what the bathroom is like also, as I would hate nothing more than having to use a dirty shower and toilet every day. I would recommend just looking at some reviews as to what the hostel has to offer as this is a big deal breaker for me 🙂

Adventure Hostel, Bangkok

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