Update. . .

Good Evening!

Okay I’ll admit that I’ve neglected my blog and I definitely don’t publish content as much as I would like to but hopefully that will change soon. I’ve been super busy working, job hunting and planning adventures!!

Super excited to say that in two weeks Mike and I will be jetting off to spend 3 nights in Estonia and we are then hopping on a ferry over to Helsinki to spend 2 nights there. St. Petersberg was on the agenda, hostel booked and everything until I suddenly remembered. WE NEEDED A VISA!!? We weren’t going to risk these not arriving in time so I googled the hell out of visa acceptions upon entering Russia and…… 

‘There is, however, one small exception. If you are traveling to St. Petersburg for up to 72 hours on a cruise ship or on ferries from Helsinki and Tallinn with St. Peter Line, you do not need a visa. ‘


ha ha – No you won’t – it’s out of season and the St. Peter Line ferries don’t start again until April.

No worries, I’ve been to Russia before and know I’ll definitely be visiting St. Petersburg at some point so for now, it’ll have to wait!

For like the second time in my life, I have treated us to a 5 star hotel! A Radisson Blu that towers over Tallinn. I never ever ever splash out on hotels, but this was an exception. I will always be for a cheap budget hostel but it’s nice to treat yourself every now and then to a little bit of luxury – especially as we will be celebrating our 3 year anniversary in Tallinn.

BUT…. I shall keep you all updated with trip details, photos and tips for all things Estonia and Finland in a few weeks. I also have some other exciting stuff coming up too which I can’t wait to share! But for now, heres some photos from the last time I visited the cold Nordic and Baltic areas of the World… Brrrr.


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