11th Day of Blogmas

Today I’m going to tell you all about the most surreal moments.
During my multiple trips to Asian countries this year, I could still not get used to the attention. The worst was in India but even in Thailand and Cambodia, people would ask for photos, talk to you and act as if you were a celebrity simply because of how different we look and our Western culture. I really didn’t mind it though as they mean no harm whatsoever. Especially when a lot of those were children. 
The most intense time was when I was with 3 friends at India Gate in New Delhi. As we approached closer, we could see a group of about 50 school girls who looked as if they were there on a school trip. As soon as they saw us, they all stopped what they were doing, and came running over to us screaming! It was as if they had just seen their favourite celebrity. It was absolute madness. We spent about 15/20 minutes having our photo taken with all the children. We were being held up quite a bit though so we had to leave them all and crack on with what we were doing. I often wonder where all the photos are now and what the caption was if they were posted on social media!
It was a moment of realisation for me how we can walk down the street, see anyone of an race and think nothing of it. But in these countries, as soon as they see an English person, they starstruck! 

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