5th Day of Blogmas

Not really a travel related memory, but still kind of a big deal!!
A few weeks ago I graduated University! YAY! Finally. Super happy to have been the first in my family to complete University and graduate. Although, post grad life comes with a sense of uncertainty, but I’m enjoying it. 
I kind of had a few down points in my last couple of years at uni, and it definitely got the better of me at times. However, I powered through and really enjoyed working on my final project. I had such a great 4 years at Coventry University, but I am so so glad to be finished. It just felt like it was dragging and all I wanted to do was finish, earn money and crack on with my own stuff without always feeling like I was being judged. Which sucked. It feels good to know that I have worked so hard to get a degree and I can now do what I choose with it. 

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