3rd Day of Blogmas

Today, I will be writing about one of the most memorable moments thats I still think about nearly every day! The moment that made me fall in love with Earth and it’s surroundings even more.
During my time in Kefalonia in August, a couple of times Mike and I would go down to the ocean and I would drift off on my own gazing at the stars. We had our own section of beach too which made it so much better! I have always had a fascination with Space, but this just blew my mind. I spent about half an hour just floating around on my back in the middle of the ocean, in the pitch black staring at the stars that were so bright. I just appreciate and love all of the natural wonders and beauties that surround us. It makes you realise the endless possibilities out there. Seeing a few shooting stars fly across the sky just topped it all off. 
It was probably the most peaceful, most mindful moments of 2016.

(Apologies for the terrible photos, it was literally pitch black. You can also see the island of Zakynthos in the distance!!)


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