Problems I have run into whilst travelling (and how I solved them)

Touch wood, I’ve never missed a flight, forgotten my passport or lost my luggage However, I have encountered other situations which have caused some panic, worry or unnecessary stress!

1.  Stolen Passport
In June, I visited Barcelona with my friends. Renting an apartment through Airbnb was something I had never done before as I always found much better deals in hostels. However, I probably wont do it again. During our stay, our apartment was broken in to and I was unfortunate enough to have my passport stolen (a week before flying to Thailand!!)
I had to spend the next day buying an emergency passport for £100 at the British Consolate. By reporting this break in to the local police and getting a police report I was able to show this to Airbnb and they were able to refund the money I spent on the emergency passport. Aswell as the items that my friends had stolen too.

2. Mosquito Attack
Guaranteed everywhere I go, I will get attacked my mosquitos. I don’t know why but for some reason they love me. The one repellent that I will recommend is Jungle Formula. It isn’t an aerosol like other repellents that I have tried so it doesn’t choke everyone in the room!
During the end of a recent trip to Phi Phi, I ran out of Jungle Formula so I turned to my second resort which was Holland and Barrett’s Incognito Luxury Citronella Soap. This I DO NOT recommend – you will get eaten alive. (See my right leg in the photos below) I spent £5 on this and unfortunately it did not work at all.


3. Food Poisoning 
Whilst in New Delhi, I encountered food poisoning. I had never had this before and it literally felt like death. Unfortunately I cannot recommend ways to avoid this, because you just never know. (I caught it in a really nice restaurant!) however, by resting and sitting in my hotel for 2 days I managed to recover enough so that I didn’t miss out on any other days. I drank SO much water for the next week and it really did help. A long with rehydration sachets. I also recommend seeing a doctor when you return if it is a short trip. I was able to pick up some anti-biotics that helped clear my system and within a couple of days of taking these I was back to normal.

4. Language Barriers
This is quite an obvious one but the main time that this was a problem for me was when I moved to Spain. I knew no Spanish so when it came to finding a house to live in, it really was a problem.
Something that helped was carrying round a Spanish dictionary with me. This was useful when wanting to work out individual words to help you get by. Once I began settling into my house, it really helped to look up words and important memorable phrases. Once you get these put into practise you become more confident and end up picking up more and more.


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