Travelling with Anxiety

When I have a trip coming up, I always feel very anxious. I know I have a flight to catch, I like to make sure I have everything packed and that I am about to be away from home. However, I don’t let this stop me.
I have many ways to overcome the anxiety I encounter and I’m going to share some of these with you.

Make lists 
I create really detailed day to day lists of what needs to be done and when, pretty much every day. These come in really handy when travelling as it means I get to use my time valuably so that I can see and do everything I want to do in a short space of time. It means you wont miss your flight or you wont forget to pick up any last minute souvenirs, check out that market you want to see or eat at the cafe down the road that looks good! Of course these are really helpful before departure too in reminding yourself what to pack and to print off your boarding passes etc!


I always have to be extremely prepared before I go travelling. This includes having everything booked in advance and being packed up to a week before. I would love to one day be able to fly somewhere without having anything booked and I am slowly getting there!
Whilst in Thailand, I knew I was flying to Phuket for a week, (I booked my flight a few days before going – and of course it turned out okay!) Being on a budget I was planning to stay there for a week just to chill before returning to the UK. However, I ended up going to Phi Phi too and arriving there with no accommodation. This made me super anxious and I felt really homesick – as my week didn’t really have a plan or any structure to it and thats the complete opposite of how I live.
However, I actually really really enjoyed being spontaneous! To a certain degree I had a rough idea in my head of what needed to be done to allow minimal preparation and this helped. Preparation is KEY when travelling with anxiety!

Have someone at home
It really helps to have your loved ones at home you can talk to every day. When abroad, I speak to my boyfriend, family and friends every day. Even if its just 1 message. But this really does help and theres nothing wrong with that! Just hearing from home can cheer you up if you’re feeling lost!


If you want to go travelling, don’t avoid it due to anxiety. I have found that facing the things I usually hate due to social anxiety soon become the things I look forward to (it takes a while). Avoiding something you fear will only make it worse!

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