Preparing for Kefalonia

This week has been full of excitement and positive vibes! On Friday, Mike’s brother Steve got married to Sarah and it was just the best day! Usually after such a good weekend, the blues hit and we all have to get back to reality. But, the excitement just grows because on Sunday we all fly to Kefalonia. Steve and Sarah are already there now enjoying their first week of being husband and wife but theres over 10 of us still in England so excited to go and join them! We have a villa that sleeps 11 and it is to die for. With a private beach and a huge swimming pool, we really couldn’t have picked a better place to stay.


I haven’t been able to prep very well for this trip as I wasn’t sure where I was going to be, or if I was going to get any work! But, what I do know is that the weather is going to be perfect and it’s going to be a week of relaxation. Something I have never had before. Usually when I go abroad it’s to see all the sights and see what this foreign place has to offer. So I am so excited to relax on a small island with my second family and have the best time! I’ve had so much work to do with my photos and footage from Thailand so I have spent this week making sure I’ve got as much done as possible so I don’t have this looming over me on holiday. Being home alone in Aldershot whilst Mike’s family is at work means I get to be super productive! 

I have been to mainland Greece and also Zakynthos once before and it is such a beautiful place! I’m really looking forward to kayaking, paddleboarding, snorkelling and hiking around the alluring Island of Cephalonia.

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