Why you should travel whilst you’re young

Why am I SO eager to see as much as possible now?!

1. Theres no time like the present
I’ve always said I want to travel before becoming a ‘proper adult’. Before I am thrown with lots of responsibilities and financial ties. Do the travelling now, so you’ve got plenty of time to tell the stories!


2. You can afford it now.
There are so many ways to travel on a budget these days. From cheap airlines, and car sharing with BlaBla to Couchsurfing and cheap apartment rentals. At this point in my life, whilst I am still living at home the only payment I have to worry about is my phone bill going out and my monthly board. Come 10 years time, I’m going to be paying for so much more and plenty of bills. So I say, now is best.

3. You grow from travelling. 
Travelling and not knowing what each day is going to entail allows you to grow so much. You learn life lessons, partake in new experiences, meet new friends and also you begin to have a new perspective on the world. I certainly have. Every time I see more of the world, my love for it, and all the living things just 


4. You meet so many amazing people
I’ve completely lost count the amount of people I have met from different countries whilst I have been on various trips. They all have so many interesting stories to share about their travels and their home countries. You learn tips and recommendations about so many different places!

One of the best thing about travelling is sharing the stories afterwards. I get so excited talking about my time away! Keeping a journal is the best way to log everything that you’re doing. I use an app called Day One where I just write how i’m feeling, whats just happened, why I just saw and especially if something funny happened because I don’t like to forget it!


6. It benefits to be out of your comfort zone
Being out of your comfort zone is one of the best things you can be. You work on becoming more confident, independent and are able to improve your social skills! Who wouldn’t want that!

7. Independence is GOOD
I don’t think I need to elaborate on this one too much! But how good does it feel when you’ve accomplished something on your own?!

8. Determine what you want from life.
Travelling and going on adventures allows you to determine what you want from life. It worked for me.

9. To see the world
This planet is AMAZING. It has so much to offer and I believe that everyone should see as much as possible. This is our home!


10. You wont regret it
You may be living like a pauper to save for your travels – but when will you ever say ‘it wasn’t worth it’.  It is always worth it!


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