Tourist Pollution of the Thai Islands

This is where I’m going to sound super boring.

I was so excited to visit the Thai Islands to relax for a week on these tranquil idyllic beaches. However, I was so unaware as to how much of party locations these islands are. I knew they were a hot spot for tourists, but I was unaware as to how much these Islands fuel tourists’ bad habits and their drinking culture.
Phuket boasts of their popular among tourists ‘Tiger Kingdom’ and Elephant Trekking rides up the mountains. Would these exist if there weren’t so many tourists? I’d like to think not. At night, the Island comes alive with beach parties, ping pong shows, fire shows and street acts. I LOVE local culture and the entertainment they can provide. However, what I did not enjoy is the traces of disrespect to this beautiful place that tourists seemed to leave behind. 

Upon my arrival to Ko Phi Phi Don, I had to pay 20BHT, specifically to contribute to the cleaning of the Island due to tourists. I was more than happy to pay this, as it is such a small island! I spent a couple of nights in Phi Phi relaxing on the beach watching the sunset, however, I felt this perfect moment was ruined by the extreme bass blaring from the the bars behind me. Don’t get me wrong, I do like to go out for a drink and enjoy myself, however, when I am abroad, I’m all about the days. Once the sun sets, I don’t like to be in an unknown environment on my own. Towards the end of this trip, I began to feel very very anxious and felt slightly unwell, so I was more than happy to be back in my hostel by 11pm each night.

I really loved my time on the Thai Islands, I am SO glad I went! They really are beautiful, with waters so clear and fish around your feet, it’s the definition of idyllic. However, I felt that being in such a remote area, I could have an experience completely different to anything I had ever had before. It was just a shame to see scenes that I would expect to see in Magaluf, in this gorgeous, peaceful part of the world. I felt like the Thai culture had been completely lost. It would be a real shame to see Koh Phi Phi Don closed, just like the nearby Koh Tachai which has been closed due to tourist pollution as Phi Phi is seriously struggling to cope with the waste that tourists are leaving behind, especially on the beaches. They are running out of solutions. 

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