On my return flight from Phuket to DMK, I flew with Nok Air instead of Thai Lion Air. With a beak painted on the front of the plane and eyelashes on the front window, I thought how could this be serious? But it was all in good spirits!
Similarly to Thai Lion Air, the cabin crew were very welcoming with friendly ‘Sawasdee Ka’s and big smiles. With seats that also reclined and free water and cake, I was very content with my £27 flight! (also including 15kg luggage). With leg room and a narrow aisle that reflected Ryanair’s claustrophobic interior, this was the only downside to this flight. I also couldn’t work out why the rows started at 30 something, with seat numbers A B C – H J K. but hey, I’m sure there’s a good reason!
I would recommend using Nok Air for domestic flights within Thailand as the cabin crew were very friendly, I was comfortable on my flight and the prices are affordable! My flight was on time, and unlike most budget airlines in the UK, there was no windy outside walk from the gate to the plane. Nok Air also offer international flights to Singapore. 

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