Chatuchak Market, Bangkok

On my last day in Bangkok, I didn’t want to waste any time. Knowing that I had to leave for the airport later on in the afternoon, I wanted to make sure I did something productive!
Located just a ten-minute walk away from my beloved The Adventure Hostel was one of the world’s largest outdoor markets, Chatuchak Market. You can literally find anything here! There are stools for vintage clothes, leather goods, jewellery, pet supplies, fresh food, garden equipment, flowers, artificial flowers, crafts, furniture – I even saw someone selling hamsters and hedgehogs! I picked up a few more souvenirs and a couple of shirts for myself! I spent about 90 minutes here but you could spend at good few hours here! 
One thing I had read up on about this market was the illegal trade of animals here. Luckily I didn’t see any as it is all done discreetly. Thai people will smuggle in animals from other countries to then sell to ‘animal collectors’. I didn’t know animal collecting was even a thing!
Even though it is an ‘outdoor’ market, a lot of it is inside, so if it rains, like it did for me, theres shelter! You can also grab a variety of cuisines and drinks too. I bought more pineapple! It is so delicious and refreshing from the street vendors!
I was expecting the market to be a lot busier than what I had anticipated, especially after some of the reviews I’d read and for it being peak season – however, upon my arrival about 11am, there weren’t too many crowds at all!  I would recommend visiting in the morning though due to the temperature!


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