The Rock – Phi Phi Islands

Being on a budget meant that we were always looking for ways to save money. Whilst walking through the town. A hostel called The Rock caught my eye with their board outside. Dorms for 150 baht! We had only booked one night at The Scenery Guest House, just in case we found somewhere cheaper, so this was perfect. After our first night in The Scenery Guest House, we walked round the corner and checked in to The Rock. After all, we were saving ourselves 200 baht! Even if it was in a 14-bed dorm. The biggest I have ever stayed in is a 10-bed in Bangkok and also a grotty place in Barcelona!
Dorm B at The Rock was far from luxury, with dirty walls, 3 fans (1 broken), rock hard dirty faux leather mattress, rock hard pillows and offering us one small sheet. You really do get what you pay for. I am really not fussed when it comes to travelling though. There was decent enough wifi to keep in contact with my family and friends, clean toilets and showers (no hot water) and also an amazing view. Located right in the town meant that it was very loud until 2am! The Rock, due to its build is also an evacuation point in case of any disasters such as an earthquake as these islands were a high risk.
If you’re looking for a cheap place in phi and aren’t fussy, especially for a party holiday then I would recommend The Rock. They also offer private rooms and have a popular restaurant on site. You can also rent a towel for 20baht.

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