Siem Reap Nightlife


Admittedly I never really drink too much when I am visiting a new place. I always prefer to save my money and energy for the day time and pack my days with as much different sights and activities as possible. However, the nightlife in Siem Reap was crazy! The streets were filled with people from all over the world all to experience the well known nightlife. I had drinks in a small bar called Peace and Love bar, then headed to a rooftop bar called X Bar. I recommend both of these places, they are so different but really good atmospheres! Especially Peace and Love if you prefer a quieter atmosphere! X bar offers a large terrace on top of the roof where we sat and chilled with a beer whilst we watched the drinking games on stage below us.
I’m not really a going out person so much as what I used to be, I felt the Siem Reap nightlife resembled a 18-30 European Holiday! But if you’re looking for some good cheap nights out, Siem Reap is definitely going to be for you. We had great nights, even if we weren’t out for long! We did however finish the night with a massage for $1 and a street pancake! Oh and shopping in the Night Markets of course!!

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