Tonle Sap, Floating Village, Cambodia

Located about a 35 minute drive from Siem Reap, we boarded a boat to ride through the floating village where we then got off at a floating restaurant for a drink.
Sailing through this village really was not what I was expecting! It was so eye opening and the most immersed I have felt in a different culture since being here! I couldn’t believe how different these people lived. They catch their fish every day, the children study in the floating school, the children were working in the waters for their families and people were selling produce off their tiny old canoes. Sailing past these families, their homes were nothing more than a few square metres in size, held up by some planks of wood. With no door, we were able to see in. It felt very intrusive.
When we arrived at the floating village, we saw what we had been warned of. They were keeping about 5 fully grown crocodiles captive in a tiny enclosure! Next to them were several baby crocodiles. These were being held captive and bread specifically for their leather. The conditions these huge animals were living in were unbelievable. I’ve still not come to terms with the way animals are treated in these parts of the world, and it still shocks me every time.

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