Final days of camp

After Cambodia, we had 4 days left before leaving Krasang and heading to Bangkok! My plan was to relax but also go on a few bike rides around the area to see as much as possible. Due to unfortunate events, I was involved in a car accident on the journey back from the Thai/Cambodian border. With severe whiplash, bruises and muscle strains, my plans of long bike rides in the sun was no more. Instead, I spent my last few days in bed! It did feel good to relax though! There were also some mad storms, some of the worst I’ve seen since being in Thailand! The thunder sounded like cannon balls being set off, literally made us all jump out of bed!!

On 20th July, we took an evening bus to Bangkok and arrived at 1am. It was so weird having to say bye to some people that I’d lived with for a month!! Some of the best people I’ve ever met with so many memories made!! I’m already excited because I know we will be seeing each other soon!

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