Siem Reap Temples

After our 4am start for the sunrise at Ankgor Wat, we filled our day with sightseeing. After Angkor Wat and some breakfast (a dairylea and tomato baguette, it was the best thing I’ve ever eaten!) we headed to Bayon Temple! SO MANY MONKEYS!! And also many tourists riding Elephants. Boo!
This temple had so many faces carved into all the towers and walls, so crazy!! I loved it! (So many pictures in my camera which I haven’t transferred over yet, please bare with me)❤️
After Bayon Temple, it was a 5/10 minute drive to Ta Prohm. Also known as ‘The Tomb Raider Temple’ I haven’t seen the film, nor do I intend to , but visiting a place where a film has been set is pretty exciting! The place was absolutely filled with tourists!! It was at least 30 degrees and we were so drained from our early start, but we powered through as we knew we wouldn’t get this chance again any time soon! I’m so glad I held out, it was the best temple I have seen in Asia so far! The above photo is Esther, Hannah and I in front of one of the well known parts that feature in the film. I was just mesmerised by the features of the tree!! Them roots!!!

When visiting Angkor Wat, followed by Bayon and Ta Prohm, you can use your Angkor Wat ticket for access to all three!

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