Muay Thai Boxing


Towards the end of my time with Camp Thailand, we had the opportunity to try out a Muay Thai Boxing class! It is the national sport of Thailand so I wanted to immerse myself some more in the culture and give it my best shot!
It was a two hour class ran by 3 professionals. They got is working really hard with an intense warm up consisting of abs, arms and leg exercises. I’m really missing exercise so I really enjoyed it!!
We were taught various punching, elbow and kicking techniques which we were then able to take to the bags. I never realised how hard boxing was, but you can really feel your muscles working which is good! We were then assigned a trainer where they gave us a routine to do!
I thoroughly enjoyed this class, I had only ever tried boxing once before and I remembered how much I enjoyed that! Next time I am in Thailand I will definitely go and see a Muay Thai match! Until then, as soon as I get home I will 100% be buying some boxing gloves and pads!

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