Angkor Wat at sunrise


July 15th was an early start but for something that was going to be so worth it. We arrived at Angkor Wat at about 4:45 ready for the sunrise an hour later!
We sat down by a pond and had no one in front of us so we had such a good view of the beautiful scene in front of us! We sat and watched the sky change so quickly with so many different colours. It was amazing seeing Angkor Wat slowly being revealed in front of us!
Once the sun has risen, we walked round Angkor Wat and climbed up the highest tower. It was truly breathtaking. It is the largest religious monument in the world and I couldn’t believe the amount of detail that had gone into the structure and many pathways. It was like a maze!
I would 100% recommend this to anyone visiting Cambodia. At a price of just $20, it can’t be missed! With a tour guide too, you learn so much about this historic temple!

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