Krasang Bike Rides

One of the nicest things to do around Krasang in our spare time was to go on bike rides. With Camp Thailand having many bikes to borrow, it’s the best way to get around. (Careful on these mental roads though!!)
We cycled to one of the temples in Krasang. It was quite a weird environment and there was no one around besides a couple of loud dogs and a couple of Monks. Within the temple is a lake where we sat and fed the fish! We then cycled around Krasang a bit more and then to a school. There were children outside playing and they were really happy to see us!
Behind the school was a field where the sun sets! It’s such a good location to watch it and the whole
sky was pink so I definitely recommend this!
If you’re doing Camp Thailand and are located at Camp B, Krasang. I would recommend the bike rides as you can see so much of the surrounding area!

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