Thai Silk Village

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of spending the weekend at a beautiful 5* Resort called Baan Sanuan in Buriram! It was perfect being able to chill by a pool!! But the reason we were there and something I was really looking forward to was to be given a tour of the Silk Village! It was so surreal, being invited into this small community and seeing how these people live! We were shown how silk was made from silkworms and it is the most tedious process! I couldn’t believe how much of a different way of life it is, such an eye opening experience. They sit there all day every day doing the same tasks just so that they can provide silk and an income for their families. The Silk Village were so welcoming and showed us some traditional dancing, allowed us to join in and taught us a routine and then they blessed us with luck and happiness! They were some of the happiest people I’ve ever seen, so friendly! I definitely would love to go back one day and get to know a bit more about the village and see more of what goes on!

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