Teaching experience so far

On Wednesday, we taught the four classes outside and it was without a doubt my favourite session so far! Considering we had no lesson plan, we managed to work it out and you could definitely see the kids really enjoying it! Teaching out on the play field meant lots of space for them to run around and to play loads of games! So many piggy backs were given and chasing around. I was exhausted!!

Today I taught for the 4th time and it really was the most difficult! There were 500 children aged 4-15, when we were only expecting about 200 so we definitely weren’t prepared! I worked with Hannah and we had 4 groups of 50!
It really was a challenge especially with the young ones as they just do not understand sometimes. We usually get round this just by playing games related to the specific topic and it keeps them entertained whilst they’re still learning new words!
My highlight was one young girl coming up to me at the end and saying ‘teacher, shake hand!’ And next think you know I’m being swarmed by children desperate to shake my hand and showing so much love! The amount of respect the children have for their elders here is admirable!

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