First day teaching in a Thai school

Today was my first day of teaching with Camp Thailand! It was a bit daunting on the journey there but as soon as you see how excited the children are to see you, all the nerves go away! I was definetly as excited as them!! We began by dancing with the children, we taught them the Macarena and The Cha Cha Slide, it was so much fun dancing with all of them and seeing how much they were enjoying it! I worked with 5 others to teach 50 children ranging from 5 years old to 10 different countries and flags! Some of the children were so shy but they always worked together and help their friends out and they soon came out of their shell! In total we taught for 2 hours and the school provided lunch for us which was probably one of the best meals I’ve had so far! All the children were just so happy to see us and I can safely say I have never took so many selfies or played with snapchat filters so much! They LOVED them and found them hilarious! They also love to give high fives and hugs! You couldn’t say bye without being surrounded my so many cute children demanding high fives!! So excited to do it all again tomorrow!!!

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