Camp life pre teaching

So we’ve been in Krasang for two full days now and pretty much settled in now! We spend yesterday at Thun Kula lake which was about 90 minutes ride away in the back of a truck! We went out in boat huts and floated out in the sun! The lake was so warm and we were able to do water sports too! (There is a GoPro video of me giving myself whiplash which I will share).
We then has a Thai lady come and take out food orders on a speed boat and she brought them back over to us in the lake! It was so chilled out, dreamy! We were here all day and then headed back for a chilled out movie night in camp!
So much for our wanted early night, we had crazy bugs in our room at 3am – after a long mission to try and catch it, we gave up!
Today we caught up on sleep and explored he town to see what there is! So excited to try some little restaurants out! The Pad Thai looks incredible!!
Tomorrow is my first day of teaching in a local school – I’m so excited! I’m not sure what age range it will be but I’ll be sure to let you all know!
Gonna wind down, play some cards and get an early night before our early start!

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