Arrival in Thailand

After a long, sleepless flight with a stop in Dubai, we finally landed at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport. I was so glad to have met up with some of the other girls from the programme at Gatwick, we all had such a fab time flying together and getting to know each other! On the flight I had a ‘what on earth am I doing’ moment – but we were all able to calm each other’s nerves! I couldn’t grasp the fact that I was flying to the other side of the world on my own, to meet people I didn’t know to teach English! I’ve never taught English before but I knew it was going to be a worthwhile experience!!
We met up with the Camp Thailand reps and all got split off into our separate camps ready to head to the hotel! The heat hit us immediately with it already being about 36 degrees! I loved it though!
Our first night was spent in a tree house restaurant in Bangkok, even though we were all so tired it was such a great environment with a really lovely atmosphere that we all still enjoyed! It was this first night that I realised being a vegetarian in Bangkok was going to be difficult! I was so hungry though that pasta with tomato sauce at the time was the greatest meal on the planet!
We had an early start the next morning (😭) ready to explore Bangkok! We had a private canal trip where we were able to see the less touristy parts of Bangkok and a taster of how the Thai live! Some of their houses were shelters held up by a few planks of wood over the water! – I couldn’t do that!
We then headed to the Wat Pho temple where we were able to see the Reclining Buddha (as seen in Leo’s film ‘The Beach’) I literally could not believe the size of it! Absolutely mindblowing!! We explored the temple some more in the scorching heat and it was like a maze! We could not find our way out to meet the rest of the group at all!
After lunch we headed to the Grand Palace! Some more beautiful architecture with so @ much attention to tiny detail! (Some pictures will follow!). As much as I appreciated such a wonderful place, it was a serious struggle with little sleep, 30+ degree weather and Jetlag. We knew we had to power through though!
Our last evening in Bangkok consisted of a free buffet dinner, many cocktails and a crazy trip down the famous Khao San Road. It was insane! Street parties, cheap drinks, crowds of people everywhere and such a variety of music! Charlotte and I decided to explore the whole road which resulted in her consuming a scorpion (not for me thankyou) and us both getting hair braids! We knew we shouldn’t really stay much later as we had such a long trip to camp the next day!
I cannot wait to return to Bangkok at the end of camp! There is SO much to see and I want to explore every little street! With a meal in a restaurant costing no more than £4/5 and hotel rooms for £10, I want to see and do as much as possible!

Next up: The Journey to Krasang and Camp Life

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