I got a job! (well, had one)

Way back in June, I saw that Hotbox Events were looking for photographers for Reading and Leeds festival! I applied and requested info but didn’t hear anything so I thought – not to worry! BUT then, beginning of August, I got a phone call from a lovely lady who was offering me the job of being the Hotbox Photographer at Reading Festival. I was over the moooooon! This is the first year they have introduced this position and I GOT IT! 🙂 As a festival goer myself, I love the atmosphere so combining this with my photography, I knew it was going to be a fab week!

Reading Festival runs over the bank holiday weekend in August, however, I was required on site from the 24th – 31st. A week camping, on my own. I was nervous but excited! Hotbox sent me over a contract with a list of the photos they wanted of their staff. These are all going to be on their website soon so I am excited to see my work published! I was able to give myself shifts when I wanted – with just ¾ hours a day, I was able to work around the rain and the bands I wanted to see.
On the Monday when I arrived it was raining but I managed to get my tent set up and I didn’t have a shift that night so I was just getting to know all the staff and attending briefings learning more about my role.
On Tuesday I had to attend and photograph another briefing as more of the Hotbox volunteers had arrived. On Wednesday is when the campers began arriving so I knew I would get loads of photos – and the weather held out for MOST of the day! I then attended another briefing and a fire safety meeting to photograph these.
Again, on Thursday, more campers arrived so an oppurtunity for more photos! I was pleased with how it was all going! I was so excited for Friday though as I had initially bought a ticket for this day anyway, but they refunded this for me and gave me the day off! I met with Mike, his family and friends and we had such a good day and it was so sunny! I saw Mumford and Sons for the second time and it was amazing! We were having so much fun I was very happy! I also got to see my favourite DJ Hannah Wants for the first time who had an insane crowd!

On Saturday and Sunday it was back to work even though the weather was terrible so I had to be focussed on getting the shots I needed so I didn’t waste time before the rain started! Monday was my last day and I gave myself a morning shift as this was when the campers pack up and leave so again, another oppurtunity for many photos. I then had time to relax before heading home to Spalding. However, upon my arrival at Reading Train Station, covered in mud and wet from the rain I thought ‘No, I can’t do this journey I am tooooo knackered’ so a 30 minute train to Mike’s house it was. Work the next day had to wait.

I made friends pretty much straight away and I was glad I mingled as it made the experience so much more amazing! I will be keeping in touch and hopefully meeting up with them all soon! I literally had such an amazing time, everyone was so nice and they were so pleased with the photos I got. I was so proud of myself! It’s so good to put yourself out there and be independent as the results are so rewarding! I will definitely be working at a festival again, if not as a photographer but as an assistant as it was just so much fun and got to witness many crazy things!

Jack, Arron, Stacey, Amber and I!

First in to the Festival 5 days before it actually started! So weird seeing it this empty – and with green grass instead of wet mud.

Another one of my favourite bands I saw for the 3rd time, Panic! at the disco

A surprise set from Foals made my week!! 

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