Keepin’ it alive

I want to keep this blog as active as possible so I’m just going to write a little update with my work and some opportunities i’ve got coming my way!

I received a phone call yesterday from Hotbox Events offering me the position of a volunteer photographer at one of my favourite events, Reading Festival. There were only two positions and out of hundreds of applicants and two months of sorting through these – I can’t believe I was offered the position. I have always wanted to volunteer at a festival so combining this with a photographers position is so exciting! I wont be photographing the bands (which is good because this is something I do not enjoy) however, I will be documenting the other staff at work and the festival itself and then sharing these with the onsite manager at the end of each day. I will be there for a week during the setting up and clearing down process – and I even get a refund on my Friday Day ticket I had previously purchased but still get to spend the Friday how I originally planned! Perfect!

I have also been offered a volunteer Freshers helper position at Coventry University. I LOVE VOLUNTARY WORK seriously!! So if any nervous freshers have any questions HIT ME UP! On August 18th I also have two job interviews for two positions at Coventry University which I won’t go into detail incase I am unsuccessful BUT – I really hope I get one of them!

And Last but not least – I am currently waiting to hear back from a very prestigious photographic competition regarding some work of mine that is currently being judged. I don’t want to reveal to much and I don’t have my hopes too high – but I’ll keep y’all updated.

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