Family visit No. 2

On June 25th, my Mum and Dad came to visit! They were soooo excited and I was really looking forward to showing them around and how I had been living for the past year! I decided to stay in a cheap hostel round the corner from their hotel so that we could start our days early and I wouldn’t have to venture in and out of the city on my own late at night!

I was really excited to visit Azotea, the rooftop terrace bar at the top of one of my favourite places in Madrid – Circulo de Bellas Artes. Mum and Dad loved it and found it so relaxing! And it meant I could also check out the 3 Photoespana exhibitions downstairs too! 

I also got to show the round Retiro Parque, where we sat and had a picnic which consisted of wine, bread, chorizo cheese and tomatoes! It was delicious! Mum wanted to relax a bit more due to the heat but Dad was so eager to get moving!

Okay, I admit I made him wear the camera just so he looked like the ultimate tourist, just because, well, it was funny. 

In Sol! ( I don’t think Mum was ready)

Had an amazing time at Templo de Debod watching the sunset! Insane watching the sun disappear before your eyes!

Paella and Cervezas in Mercado San Miguel

I made a point of taking my parents into the Templo de Debod because Mum LOVES all things Egyptian related! She loved it so much!

Plaza Cibeles

I had the best 5 days with my parents! It was so nice to spend so much time with them (and have them treat me a little bit). I know they thoroughly enjoyed their time in Madrid and they even spoke about coming back! I’m glad I got to show them round such a beautiful city!

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