Update|June 1st|

Okay so it’s June. What. How. 
One full month left in Madrid. I have a jam packed few weeks coming up!

This weekend I shall be in England for my first Epsom Derby and I am SO excited! I will also be attending Collective Vision’s Degree Show. Can’t wait to see all my peers final major project’s! I am also going to see my family and that means my little nephews and it’s going to be amazing!
My sister is coming to Madrid 8th June – 16th June! Can’t wait to have her staying with me and I can show her everything that we get up to! Looking forward to seeing more things in Madrid that I’ve been saving to do.
For a week after her visit, Mike will be returning (again, hehe) for more adventures and chills!
THEN MY PARENTS COME FOR 5 NIGHTS!!! I am most excited to show them around! Especially to take them to the markets!
Then 4th July – 10th, I have one of my best friends Gina come to stay! This is going to be so much fun!!!!! 
Then finally, to finish off my year abroad, I will be attending Festival Internacional Benicàssim. A week of good music, beach, water parks, camping and good times with Mike. It’s going to be like 40 degrees so disgustingly hot – but I have wanted to go for  a few years so I am so excited!


During May, I have had Mike stay! We have done quite a lot but also chilled by the pool and worked on our tans!

On May 8th, It was a friends birthday, so about 13 of us flew to Magaluf for the weekend to celebrate! I was so excited for the beach! We all had a fab time!


A week later, I visited my first bullfight. I would like to state, I am no way one for animal cruelty, but a bullfight I think is the most cultural thing about Spain. So, I told myself it had to be done. I KNEW I would hate it, and I was right. I had to leave after half an hour after crying through it with my head down. I don’t want to go into details as it was truly horrific. Even Mike was in shock and had never seen anything like it. I saw quite a few people leave early – even the woman next to me was sharing her tissues with me.
I feel annoyed that I put money into such a disgraceful ‘sport’. 
At least ‘Las Ventas’ is an amazing building!


Another thing I was able to tick off my bucket list was to attend a Real Madrid game. I am not a fan of Real Madrid, but really enjoy football, and an oppurtunity to see one of the greatest teams in the world play was not to be missed. It was Real Madrid vs Getafe and it was one of the best games I have ever seen with a final score of Real Madrid 7 – 3 Getafe. I EVEN GOT TO SEE A HAT TRICK FROM RONALDO YAY!


what else, 


I’ve been shooting a lot of new stuff recently – but I will share these seperately!

I went to La Gatoteca yesterday!! (Which was also on my bucket list) It’s a place where you can go and pay €4 and help yourself to a drink and then just sit and play with the cats! There were 15 cats, most were sleeping and then a few playing with toys and treats! They were soooo cute! I LOVE CATS!
We also took another trip to El Rastro, where I managed to get some new braceleted and a new shirt for €3 so I’m happy! Was really excited to finally show Mike round the market too! 

We also went to another market, La Tabacalera which is only on for two days of this year. It was specifically for hand made stuff and was inside what looked like a really run down building but they had worked well to really do it up and give it a creative atmosphere!

I also got to return to Mercado de San Fernando to photograph the salsa dancing that happens every Sunday! I am yet to look through my work but I will share it soon! 🙂

So these were my highlights of May! 😀

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