Processing film at UEM



Recently, I have been making use of the darkroom facilities at UEM. I am yet to find a place which develops film (apart from lomography) so
I thought, since I had stocked up on HP5, I could just develop it myself and put
my practice in to place.


I took a couple of rolls and my cheap Diana camera (I got
this about 3 years ago and was yet to use it, so I thought it was time. I won’t
be using it again) to Amsterdam and developed these when I got back.

Due to my recent love for Medium Format, after producing
such successful work for picbod on this format, I purchased a Lubitel 2 TLR
camera over the summer for £45 off eBay, so I thought I would start using this
more too, now that I had plenty of film to use. I took this out while I went
for a walk in my local neighbourhood to see what I could find 🙂

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