Reflecting on my first trimester in Madrid


First term has been weird. It’s hard to tell if I have enjoyed it as much as I expected. I think the language barrier and the disorganisation of UEM is my main downer. I think I would have preferred going with my original option of Bologna, as I even took Italian classes in preparation for this. i LOVE ITALYYYY! But Spain is pretty cool too! 🙂 I’ve been using videos, books and tapes on my iPod to help with my Spanish. I would hate to say I lived in a foreign country for a year and didn’t attempt to learn the language so I’m really really trying! and will continue to try harder next term! Classes are so expensive though 😦

I’ve recently got in contact with a tog based in Madrid who is looking for someone to shoot with and she’s also going to help me with my Spanish too! So thats something to look forward to in the new year! As well as many trips which I shall keep you all updated on!

Back to Madrid in 5 days! I am very poorly atm so I’m hoping I’m better for then!

Speak soon! x

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