Frankfurt 2014

This weekend I took a trip to Frankfurt. I’d never been to Germany so I was really excited to see what it was like.  The main reason I went to Frankfurt was to see the Christmas Markets. I’d been to the Frankfurt Christmas Market in Birmingham but I was excited to experience the real thing!

We arrived in Germany and got to our hostel at 1pm, 12th December. The flight went so quick and it was pretty much empty so we spread out and slept the whole way. Getting off the plane we could feel how cold it was straight away! The skies were grey and I could tell it was bound to rain. IT was soooo windy!

We got a train to the hostel and went for a walk before we could check in! Once we could check in we had a much needed nap! If we wanted to explore later, we needed rest! (night time travelling is annoying) We got the tram and headed straight to the Altstadt, which is the old town, this is where the market started. As soon as we arrived on the tram, we could see carousels, food stands, huts selling crafts and there were so many people! We explored for a bit and got a bratwurst, of course! Followed by some mulled wine! bliss!!

Day 2 consisted of walking round the market again, along the river and around the city of Frankfurt. I did some late night filming and photos along the river which I was pleased with, ( Will also upload some work in the next post. I’d never been so cold but I was glad with the work I got. We went back to the hostel to warm up before heading back later! We went back to the market and this time I think we saw it all! we bought LOADS of food and more mulled wine! We headed back to the hostel for our last night! We had to be out the hostel by 11am so we tok this oppurtunity to get up early and see more sights!

We headed up ‘The Main Tower’ which is a 54 story building which allows you on the roof to look out of Frankfurt! Considering the weather was cold, dull and windy, it was fantastic! You couldn’t even feel the cold and you could still see for miles!

Our flight back to Madrid was 1830 and by the time we got back, it was straight to bed!

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