Time at home

(a different kind of post)

It was my sister, Alexia’s birthday on Friday, so on the Saturday, I had surprise flights back to visit everyone, mainly as a present for her. I had these booked right from the start! I booked them on my 3rd day in Madrid. I knew it would be worth the wait! I met Mike and my brother, James at Peterborough train station. He then brought us back to Spalding where I was able to surprise my parents first. They were in so much shock! Mum even cried, but that didn’t surprise me!
I then headed to Prezzo’s to surprise Alexia who was there with some friends for a birthday meal. I WAS SOOOOO EXCITED :D! Mike filmed which I will post for everyone to see! She was soooo confused ahhaha! But it was fab! She was so so happy and didn’t suspect a thing! RESULT! 😀 All topped off with a huuuuuge pizza and a nutella desert.

Whilst home, I got to have a catch up with a good friend Jordan which was lovely! I got to see my gorgeous nephews who are my EVERYTHINGGGGG! I got to chill with my family and boyfriend, watching films and also cherishing every moment! It’s been so so so lovely!

Below are some photos of my time at home, as well as the main reasons why being in another country is so difficult and not always fun and games!









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