Mercado de Motores, Madrid


Yesterday, I visited Mercado de Motores. It is a market held on the second weekend of every month. It’s guaranteed to be busy because of this! It is held at ‘Museo del Ferrocarril’ which is a railway museum, in the Delicias area. The market stalls were between old platforms and in between carriages! I’d never been to a place like this before! I was expecting some really traditional Spanish market stalls, however, it was mostly people selling random second hand stuff. There were small boutiques, books stands, vinyl stands, crafts and food stands of local business and then people selling overpriced vintage clothing. I did however pick up a blouse for €3. In the entrance to the market were two men making music, one on the keyboard, the other on the trumpet. This provided the entertainment factor. Out the back of the station were more traders, as well as many food stalls. You’d be lucky to get a seat to eat. There was also music playing quite loud creating a really nice atmosphere. Pretty much everyone who I walked past was drinking a bottle of Mohou.


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