Zaragoza (Saragossa)

This weekend, I spent my time in Zaragoza. I fancied an impulsive trip for a bit of excitement and to get some work done. Zaragoza had been on my list for a while so I thought i’d visit there. It worked out better to stay the night due to the long journey and for all the stuff I would have to carry.

I took the 9am bus from Avenida de America in Madrid and arrived in Zaragoza at 1230 and took a taxi to Hotel San Miguel.


I arrived at my hotel and had a nap before heading out to explore!







Catedral-Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar.

I spent about 7 hours just wondering the streets of Zaragoza and getting familiar with it. It wasn’t what I thought at all. I was expecting it to look more like places such as Toledo or Florence. I was surprised to see how build up and modern it was. 

The next day I woke up early so I get more done before heading for my bus at 1750. Armed with my Canon 6D and my Minolta X-700. I also wanted to finish my film on my new Lubitel as I was yet to develop any film from it so it gave me a chance to test it out! It’s so easy to use so providing the camera works properly, I will definitely use it more. 
I began by heading to Catedral del Salvador de Zaragoza as I saw there was a small market by it on Sundays. It didn’t compare to El Rastro in size, but such similar stuff for sale. I picked up a book ‘Las fotos que hicieron historia 1900-2009’ (The photos that made history) for just 5 euro. He originally wanted 10! Considering most of the book is in Spanish, it’s got some really interesting stuff in it. 

After the market, I headed to the ‘ascensor del pilar’ (Pillar Elevator). This is 80m high and allows you to see quite a lot of Zaragoza. The lift shot up quite fast, it was more like a ride! It’s a shame the weather wasn’t great, but still some lovely views!

Once I was finished here, I walked across to the other side of the Ebro for the first time to have a walk and chill in El parque del Tío Jorge. There were childrem playing football with their Dads and SO many dogs! 😀 I found a quiet area with a bench under some trees where I sat and had a snack! There were many small buildings covered in grafitti in the park which I will post in a separate post.

I walked back in to the city centre where I spent some time in the main square before heading to the bus station. I decided to save money by walking to the bus station. 1 hour, with a rucksack and pulling along a heavy suitcase with a dodgy wheel. Not fun, but I made it with some time to kill so I enjoyed some food before heading back to Madrid.

I really enjoyed this trip mainly because I got to focus on my photography which is the main reason I am studying abroad. I also really enjoy the alone time, it is crucial. Ever since I was young I have always been independent and this gave me the chance to explore this. I can’t wait for some more solo travels coming soon.

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