Barcelona 24th October

On Friday, I took a trip with my friends Meg, Lizo and Anna, and my boyfriend Mike to Barcelona to meet some other friends for my 21st Birthday. My friend Craig, ( is currently on placement there teaching in a school, so it was a good oppurtunity for a reunion. I visited Barcelona last summer whilst backpacking so I was looking forward to going again. 
We flew as it was much cheaper than the train and obviously so much quicker. The flight was about 50 minutes long. We slept for the most part. When we landed, Craig and our friend Abi met us at the airport. We then met Lewis and Grace, who I was so excited to seeing! I knew we were going to have such a good weekend!

We checked in at BCN Hostel! We got a room of 6 together which was perfect. We headed to Craigs that night for Fajitas before heading out to celebrate. Me and Mike got in later than everyone, 8am it was. They were just about to start setting up for breakfast! We were shattered. We were up by half 12 though ready to meet the others. We went to the Sagrada Familia! We had intentions of going inside but then realised how short on time we were! From the outside, I couldn’t believe how different it looked in a year. The spires were different and there was a lot more colour to it! A part of me wishes I went in again so I could see the differences on the interior. After this, we headed to the beach to chill! It wasn’t that cold but we mostly relaexed on the sand. We were all so tired so we decided to catch the end of El Clasico before napping for the night at Craigs.

The next day we visited Parc Guell. I was so excited as I loved it so much when I visited last year. However, to my upset, the majority of the parc was now closed off and you had to pay €14 to access. This included all the mosaic work, Guadi’s house, (which was understandable) and the best part which shows the best view. I was really disappointed as I know Mike really wanted to see the view. I did notice though that one of the buildings has scaffolding on it, so at least he didn’t miss out on the view at it’s best. Below I have included some photographs from my visit last year.(when it was free 😦 )

Next stop, Morocco.

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