Week 3

Been in Madrid 3 and a half weeks now! It’s gone so fast! Settling in really well though and making lots of friends 🙂 Started my modules properly now. Neither History of Contemporary Art or Cultural Heritage are as exciting as I thought. But i’m hoping they will pick up in the next few lessons. 

In Cultural Heritage, we’re currently looking at architecture in different cities and the history behind that. We are also working in groups to produce a presentation on Wine Routes in Spain. The group that does the best presentation and sells that Wine Route the best will be the decided location for a trip! Never been on anything like that before so should be good! and yummy!

In History of Contemporary Art, we are currently looking at different Artistic Movements in the 20th century. Something I have done soooo many times before. So right now I am not finding it that appealing, but hoping the group work will be fun when we get a bit more into it! We began watching ‘Pollock’ this afternoon. A film about Jackson Pollock’s life. So far, so good!

Got a few trips planned until Christmas. Going to Barcelona in 29 days, Morocco a few weeks after that, and then Berlin to check out the Christmas Markets! Hoping to squeeze a couple more in though! need to make the most of it!

me & friends.

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